Signicade Billboard Frame

Estimated Price:

This sign is massive and perfect for anyone that wants to catch thte eye of everyone drivign by. The panels are printed on a large 36 inches wide by 48 inches tall. Lots of eye cathing space for new customers. Can be moved in seconds with built in wheels. Why woyry about building a heavy wood stand when you can buy this one pre-made and ready to go. 

Please submit your file to size at 36" x 48" with no bleed. 

  • Twice as big as a Signicade
  • perfect for eye-catching outdoor advertising
  • Two 36" x 48" signs
  • Two side signs (Optional Please check out and ask for additional pricing)
  •  Wheels for easy movement
  • No installation needed
  •  Quick-Change™ Feature change signs in seconds, slide in a sign
  • "Stay Tabs" hold main signs securely in place
  • Can internally fill with dry sand or water
  • Outside Dimensions: 58"H x 39"W x3.125"D
  • Dimensions of Recessed Area: 46.75"H 36.25"W
  • Weight 45 lbs.

Have your own design? Upload it here.